Ben Potter

My Projects

An overview of my programming and software design projects.


The Chemistry Formative Assessment Study Tool is a website built using the Concerto Platform and Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT) in order to deliver high-quality practice questions to first-year chemistry students at McMaster.

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PMM Portal

The Pathology and Molecular Medicine Portal is a SharePoint site built to serve as a homepage to the faculty, staff, and students that are members of the PMM department at McMaster. It also allows faculty to submit reimbursement requests using custom PowerAutomate flows.

Urine Organic Acid Python Reporting

A Python script to print PDF reports from a liquid chromatograph-gas chromatograph mass spectrometer.


A Python and Kivy app that implements "melo", a margin-dependant ELO system, in order to predict the spread lines of NFL games.

Inventory Software

A school project in C++ to recreate the inventory management software from Shoppers Drug Mart. Included save and load functionality in our own file format, searching, and adding, removing, and modifying products.

Monopoly in C

A local multiplayer Monopoly game programmed in C with colour graphics in the Windows command prompt. Included save and load functionality in a custom file format, buying properties, collecting rent, building houses, and more.